New Haus Agency is not just a real estate agency; it’s a catalyst for positive change. With our commitment to courageous authenticity, collaboration and sustainability, we are redefining what it means to be a real estate agency in Tasmania.

We believe in pushing into the digital world a little more than some.

Did you know that most buyers browse the web for 5.5hrs every day but they only spend 8.4 mins on property website? The rest of the time, they are scrolling through social media and searching the web!

That’s why we here at New Haus Agency are taking a different approach to marketing your property.

Not only will your home be showcased on 14 websites both domestically and internationally but we will promote your property via a digital media campaign like no other!

Whilst all our property marketing material is available digitally to buyers, we do understand that moving into a fully digital world takes time and that some people still like to feel something in their hands when they walk into a property. That’s why, any marketing material we print for your property is printed on 100% RECYCLED & 100% RECYCLABLE Ecostar Card (and it looks beautiful!).

We are targeting 90% digital agency agreements and contracts by the end of 2023 to reduce our reliance on printed materials. Meetings can happen in a variety of ways in today’s world, to that effect we are encouraging our vendors to utilise digital platforms such as zoom for our weekly vendor meetings and contract presentations. This initiative alone, saves our vendors time, reduces carbon emissions, and eliminates the need for paper.

One step at a time to a better future, better result, and a better Tasmania.

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